A Spiritual Perspective on Grief and Loss

May 28, 2021

The wood on the front door of my inner-world has been echoing with the sounds of laughter, knocks, and calls. Yet, I have just been standing on the other side, refusing to answer. I have been refusing to answer the calls of reflection that Mercury Retrograde has uplifted to my conscious mind. And I have been reluctant to allow my heart to guide me. But, why? Why in the world would I be reluctant to grow, to change, and to connect with my own self?


I’ll tell you why: I’m afraid of loss.


So, today is another day where I’m writing to Spirit and you’re, hopefully, watching my conversation with my inner-self unfold. But, it’s true. Loss and grief have been something I have, regretfully, hated since the time I was little. Maybe that’s because of something within me that I fear. Or maybe it’s because of my own ability for choice, for creation, for change, or maybe it’s just…the movement of my own feelings. Either way, I want to know what I need to know about understanding grief and loss. So, I can embrace it with joy and excitement in the darkest of days. So, inner-self, I’ve got a question for you today.


Can you…tell me a little bit about loss?


Let another audacious moment unfold in the diaries of my own communion with my deeper self.

Magnitudes of loss exist in the world of hope and in the world of graceful treasures, but magnitudes of emptiness exist no – where. Loss echoes the feeling of emptiness in the world of humanity. But, loss also opens a portal that moves you into a place of new growth, changeful resonance, and beautification. Loss is a bridge into the reoccurring opportunity for new awareness in the realm of self – solidified beckoning.


Loss is not really loss but it is change just as death is not death. But, a movement of transformative upward growth. 


All loss ever is, is momentary shock of the change that is shifting within yourself. If that change occurs from time, then by so – let time be the teacher – but time is just an illusive attribute of earth reality. Time is a thing that many do not like because time is the teacher that shoves the necessary change in your face. Yet, don’t we run from time because time means we must change? And if we change, then will we lose a part of ourselves?

Change, death, grief, and loss bring about opportunity for awareness in our evolution. You are evolving into something far greater than you ever thought you would be. You are becoming the essence you were always destined to be and you are becoming the love you always have been. Yes – loss is devastating and we must grieve, but loss is also a treasure that is buried deep beneath the earth. 


Loss and grief are beautiful.


If you lose something – whether that be a friend, an opportunity, a physical item of value, or even yourself – then by all means, it looks as if you lost something real. Something of tangible meaning and something of gracious value has disappeared from your life. And most times, if not all times, you feel an ache in your heart. You feel an ache in your physical body that echoes the pain your essence feels through change. If you ache from a loss and you’re grieving, then see. Be the seer. Don’t you see your ability to feel, to create, and to be – to be all that you are in this moment and in forever-more? 

Sad as it may be, loss is a beautiful gift that screams the truth of love and we are love. So, loss is just a reminder that you are real, you are beautiful, and you are a part of every connective tissue that you are with in this earth realm.


Be grateful for loss because in loss there is truth.


Breathing feels good when the tension flies away, allowing me to be as free as I can be.

Another response I knew I needed to share, and I feel like this whole “Spirit Diaries” thing is now a thing! I love when messages like these can bring a simple smile to my face and, hopefully, to yours, too.

I’m looking forward to continuing on this journey, moving into an ever-evolving place.


Talk soon!


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