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it's nice to meet you 

Hello, My name is Erika. 

My path towards serving others as a healer wasn't an easy one, but it was one I wouldn't trade for the world. Around seven years ago, I was diagnosed with an unknown auto-immune disease that began with a messy rash and covered my body from head to toe. 

This change in my health altered the direction of my life path, guiding me towards the healing my heart called for and towards my Higher Self. Throughout the process of healing my body and awakening to my own self, I was able to explore my purpose as well as my spiritual gifts as an intuitive healer and a vocal channel.

Now, I have the amazing opportunity to provide guidance and teachings for those that feel so called to work with me and the loving energy that I have been called to work with in this lifetime. 

Every day is filled with new opportunities for us to grow and heal with one another, and I am more than excited to serve others through each step of the way as we all wander through life together.

Shamalia is the inner-spirit teacher and unseen friend that I have the pleasure of channelling throughout this lifetime. In my experience of channelling and co-creating with Shamalia, I have come to know her and recognize her as a true expression of love. However, when I have asked Shamalia about her own perspective on her presence, she has said...

" Whether you wish to call us a brother, a sister, a friend, a companion, or even a guide, we will always use the dialogue of expression to state that we are a moment of consciousness that sits in the matrimony of love for all to see, and it is, indeed, our greatest joy and our grandest pleasure to be with you. . . always and forever more." 

a moment of consciousness that sits in the matrimony of love for all to see 

& This is my friend, shamalia


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your heart is calling. 

When the world shut down with the pandemic, I decided to buy a van! Filled with fear in my stomach and uncertainty in my heart, I was ready for something new. My van is a 2019 Ford Transit Medium Roof and she took me two months to build during the mid-summer pandemic! Now, her and I are bonded for life, and I couldn't be happier. Feel free to follow along with our journey as we explore new terrain, adventure throughout Arizona, and create roots in the beautiful land of Sedona. 

she has no name, but we're bonded for life 

Also, this is my van!