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here's a little bit about me 

Hi, my name is erika.

I grew up in Southern California and went to college for Psychology in Los Angeles. After my first year of studying, my health began to deteriorate and I developed a rash that covered my entire body. At first, I began to visit doctors, take prescribed medications, and altered my diet. But, my symptoms began to quickly worsen. 

After experiencing little to no improvement, I decided to travel to Costa Rica where my symptoms rapidly improved. I began exploring meditation, holistic modalities, and learned from a wide variety of teachers and mentors. 

My experience of mending my health and discovering myself led me to my spiritual path and purpose, which is why I created Dimensional Wanders.

Dimensional Wanders is a place for others to journey through self-discovery, spiritual connection, and adventure. 

Shamalia is the inner-spirit guide and teacher that I channel. While learning meditation and other holistic modalities, I stumbled upon vocal channeling and began to develop my abilities. That is where I met Shamalia.

I have been channeling Shamalia since 2017. Shamalia teaches and mentors others, always seeking to encourage individuals to discover their true self while viewing life from a higher perspective. 

You can schedule a one-on-one session with Shamalia by clicking the link below. 

inner-spirit guide and teacher

Who is Shamalia? 


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